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How to Solve This Giant Problem - Putting Off The Things You Love To Do

Hello. In this months vlog I am talking with a dear friend of mine, Christine Stump. 

Christine is a YogaGuide, Home Yogi and Founder of Healing Yoga and owner of Badlands Yoga in Albuquerque, NM. She researches, designs and adapts yoga practices for women over 40 and small groups, using the principles of Healing Yoga. 

We had a wonderful and informative chat about personal yoga practice.And you may be asking why I am interviewing a yoga guide and what that has to do with hosting dinner parties with vintage table settings.

 I have felt led to make more connections with both people in my life now and with new acquaintances . I actually long for this because I believe one of the best ways to connect is around the dinner table. And I have struggled, or am struggling to actually host the dinner parties that I long for.

So this conversation is about no longer, putting off the things that we love to do! There's a very common universal, inherent struggle for humans that rises up in us for the things we know would benefit our lives. And our yoga practice, as some of you may have experienced, falls into this struggle sometimes. And hosting that dinner party you have been planning in your head for months or years does too!

So join us as we talk about practice, and the ways that we can actually change our perspective or train our monkey minds to get on the mat. Because there is something in this that we can use to actually put a dinner party in the calendar and set the table.

If you loved Christine and are interested in developing you own personal home yoga practice you can find her at

YouTube @badlandsyoga or  @IntegratedStrength

Instagram @badlandsyoga

Facebook @badlandsyoga

If you are interested her podcast interview of your dishes maven, you can find that video here.