} introducing your tablescape kit curatrix

hellooooo! I'm Susie, your tablescape curatrix. I am all about encouraging people to gather and spend time together and to that end I thought you and I could spend some time so that you would know who I am and how I can help you become a better host.    


The first and most important thing you should know is that I have been facing the challenge of hosting more dinner parties for several years and I can’t seem to moooove on it.  It's a weird thing for me to struggle with since dinner parties are my most favorite way of spending time with people I love. But for some reason I have blockades that I know I need to work to overcome. So this adventure with 

curate vintage co. is one in which I am inviting you to come alongside me to be better at this.    


And here's the thing I have all the tools needed to help both you and myself do this. 

  • I have an interior design degree and was so fortunate to work in the hospitality design industry in Las Vegas for most of my career. 
  • I have also own a vintage rental company, Dirty Dishes Vintage.  


So that is me. Let’s talk about you now. I believe that if you are reading this, you have an amazing sense of style and you know the value of a great dinner party. Like so many of us, our busy schedules seem to get busier, and it seems to be harder and harder to connect with our chosen family around a gorgeous tablescape.     


}curate is intended to help you 

  • take a shortcut to that dinner party you've been thinking about. 
  • purchase a tablescape kit, all at once, altogether. 
  • learn great quick dinner party ideas including menus and ways to host a green dinner party. (Because I know you care about that too!)    


Join me so that in a year from now we are not thinking about the missing those we care about and wishing we had hosted more time together. Let’s dream up your next dinner party aesthetic and then execute the darn idea!